PDC05: Product Key Problems

PDC05: Product Key Problems

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Some people have experienced difficulties with activating the Windows Vista builds that we distributed at the PDC. Please accept our apologies for this; there's been a mismatch between the activation servers and the product key that was handed out. It's embarrassing - we screwed up - we're sorry. So here's the deal:

  • For Windows Vista Beta 1, use the following product key:
  • For Windows Vista Build 5219 (PDC CTP), use the following product key:

If you are having problems activating either build, please try again tomorrow. We are replicating the needed changes as we speak, but at this point, not all the activation servers are updated.

On a more positive note, we've made it easier to get hold of the Office 12 Beta 1 release when it's available. Instead of having to go to Microsoft Beta Place and fill out a nomination survey, we will now automatically send it to all PDC attendees to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

  • Will this fix the issue that the PDC Vista version doesn't accept the key? Meaning it can't eevn be installed.
  • Random, the main issue I'm aware of right now is that the key we issued on the original disc set only worked with Build 5219 (the Sept CTP build), not Beta 1. As you probably know, we shipped both builds on the PDC "The Goods" DVD disc set. Using the right key above should fix that issue. Let me know if that doesn't solve your problem and we'll investigate further.
  • Random...if you're mounting the Vista 5219 ISO virtually, some tools don't seem to like the key. However, Daemon Tools (also linked-to from the DVD ISO document) does work.
  • I am stll having problem with my code. Still it did not work. As soon as i came back from PDC, i tried to install Windows Vista. I could not. I tried to contact Microsoft support, they told me they cannot support beta releases. I was little dissappointed. Hopefully it will work by tomorrow.
  • helo my name is greg and im having the same problem with win vista beta 2 build 5219 it will not accept the productkey that came with
    the dnloads i also see alot of other people having the same problem the key GKFV7-F2D9H-QKYXY-777P3-4M73W needs to be change i have dnloaded 4 diif times and maed 4 diff dvds and just cant get the key to work someone has to cum up with a diff key please post a new key
    thank you greg
  • Hmmm - before posting the above blog entry, we tested the new keys successfully on their respective builds. The only things I can think are that you've (a) got a corrupt build - did it come from the PDC disks? (b) you're using the Beta 1 key with the 5219 build or vice versa; (c) you're mounting the disk in a Virtual PC, which doesn't support Windows Vista.

    Can anyone else external to Microsoft confirm your successful installation with the above keys, so we can be sure it's not a universal problem?
  • I tried mounting the iso (from PDC disk 6) using nero image drive, alchol 120% and both x86/ adv x86 images gets mounted correctly. Then i tried installing vista in virtual PC using one of these two keys. key validation fails with beta 1 key. The other key does not give validation error but right after it i get an error stating image not found at "D:\Sources\install.wim" !!?

    I was successfully able to install Vista Adv server on Virtual PC 2004. It took 9 hours to install on a Dell laptop (1.6 Ghz, 1GB) but then VM additions gets stuck and doesn't finish in the end!
    Any suggestions!?
  • I installed Beta 1 from the PDC disks by mistake, forgetting there were two Vista drops distributed, installed the PDC CTP once with the key from the booklet 'the details' and once again with the key now advised on COMMNET. None of these keys were rejected. If I knew how to force activation I'd give it try. I'd be suspicious of 'Greg'. He could be downloading any old thing.
  • Definitely a problem here - I extracted PDC05 DVD5 with IsoBuster into a dir C:\Vista and run setup.exe - when I enter the CTP key listed above I get a message: Setup cannot validate your product key. Will try burning a DVD but seeing some of these posts - not holding my breath for a successful outcome.

    Hey it's beta software - what to expect?

    I'm running XP SP2. What could affect this?
  • OK - It looks like a problem using IsoBuster (the free version) using Daemon Tools(http://www.daemon-tools.cc) seems to have got me past this issue.
  • I guess I have the same problem. I used IsoBuster but for some reason I am not sure that one or another way is the problem.
    Anyhow, it would be great if I would get to tryout Vista...
    All the best!
  • Alcohol 120 works best for burning the VISTA beta OS. I've had no problems booting up, but did have issues when I tried burning ISO with NERO, ISObuster.
  • Looks like if you burn the ISO to DVD it accepts they key just fine...extracting the ISO or using an emulator doesn't seem to work.
  • I deleted my partion on my laptop and had troubles creating a bootable DVD with ISOBuster, Nero and Roxio Easy CD/DVD creator.

    Then I downloaded and tried Alcohol 120 and it worked like a champ!. It automatically created a bootable DVD from the ISO image and I was able to use the unused partion space to install Vista to (using the product key in the first post above).
  • Nope, won't work, even on a Sony DVDR
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