WinFX Runtime Components January CTP Published!

WinFX Runtime Components January CTP Published!

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The WinFX Runtime Components January CTP and Go-Live site have been published; they should all start becoming available within the hour!

WinFX Runtime Components:  
Go-Live for WCF and WF:

Windows SDK:

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” Community Technology Preview - Development Tools for WinFX® (aka Fidalgo):

VS Extensions for WorkFlow:

WinFX RC January CTP “Readme”:

  • Great! I was already wandering when the January CTP would be available.

    By the way is there a procedure on how to correctly uninstall previous versions of the WinFX Runtime Components?
  • Gabriel, for most recent releases, you can simply uninstall them from Add/Remove Components in Windows XP. (On Windows Vista, the WinFX release is tied to the operating system.)

    If you've got a really old version of WPF on your machine (i.e. pre-PDC) then there's a little clean-up that you should do - I've got a more detailed article here:
  • Awesome

    Any release notes on whats new? :)

    Does this mean that Interactive Designer ("Sparkle") CTP is due soon?
  • likn, watch this space for Sparkle :)
  • Thanks for sharing info with us! ;)

    btw, also "Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 Hands-on Labs" shows up on MSDN download simultaneously, if someone interested in this.

  • And of course Sparkle is now available - check out

    Take care, Tim
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