Windows Vista Secret #2: Copy as Path

Windows Vista Secret #2: Copy as Path

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Ever wanted to copy a link from a network file share into an email, and wound up having to traverse the path, click on the address bar, copy the details out, paste it in and then type the filename itself (with the appropriate quotation marks?

With Windows Vista, there's an easier way. In the same hidden context-sensitive menu I mentioned in the first secret, there's another helpful shortcut: Copy as Path. Unlike the command prompt trick, this menu item appears both for files and folders, so you can use this anywhere you want to quickly grab a shortcut to send someone else.

  • I agree with tim and CertifiableX

    .  We really need the parent folder button.  I want vertical not horizontal.  

    Interesting OS so far and the search feature is great.   I couldn't find the run button so i typed either "cmd" or "run" in the search and got exactly what i wanted.  I also turned off my sidebar completely.  I couldn't figure out how to turn it back on.  I typed sidebar in the search and presto my sidebar started up again.  

  • Tim Sneath hat einige sehr hilfreiche Windows Vista Secrets veröffentlicht die euch das Leben mit dem...

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