WPF Technical Chat: Transcript Now Available...

WPF Technical Chat: Transcript Now Available...

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The week before Christmas, we had just over a hundred people show up for an online technical chat on the subject of WPF. We were both delighted by the turnout and overwhelmed by the great questions on all aspects of Windows Presentation Foundation. The moderators told us that this was one of the most popular chat sessions they'd been involved with (second only to a chat on IE 7), so we're gratified by your support and interest.

The transcript will go up on MSDN shortly, but for expediency I wanted to make it available for download now. I've included answers to the few questions that we didn't get to during the session, even though we extended it by a further twenty minutes - thanks for your patience! Based on the interest level, we'll start to run these sessions on a roughly monthly basis moving forward; I'll post more information on the next chat when it's scheduled.

Happy New Year!

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