WPF/E Second CTP Shipped

WPF/E Second CTP Shipped

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It's been an interesting afternoon! At 4pm Pacific Time today (i.e. Feb 1st 2007 0000 GMT), the Windows version of the WPF/E December 2006 CTP runtime expired somewhat unexpectedly and prematurely (it was intended to timebomb in mid-February, but I guess we got that wrong). If you visited a page which required WPF/E, you'd see the following error message:

Within minutes, the "WPF/E" SWAT team (ably led by Joe Stegman and Mike Harsh) scrambled into action. It's fortuitous that we were in the final stages of getting the February CTP release ready, so we pushed it out this evening, a few days earlier than planned. Apologies for the lack of notice - this is a little embarrassing on our part, but hey - it proves that we're human and not the Borg after all! Here's links to the key components:

I'd recommend uninstalling the previous runtime before installing this fresh one.  

As a workaround for anyone who really needs to keep running the December 2006 CTP on a Windows platform for a few more days, you can simply set the system clock back to a date prior to February 1st and you'll be all set. The Mac runtime is unaffected, but obviously the updated samples that we've posted are compatible with the February release.

We'll post an updated SDK and a list of changes as soon as we possibly can; in the meantime, the agHost.js should get you started.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused!

  • Where can I download the Linux client?

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