Silverlight 1.0 RC1 is Here!

Silverlight 1.0 RC1 is Here!

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As indicated in a previous post, we're homing in on the launch of Silverlight 1.0, and today marks another milestone with the launch of the first release candidate. Since the beta we released at MIX, we've fixed approximately 2000 bugs and work items and we're now feature complete with the final JavaScript-based API. This version of the runtime is vastly more stable than the beta release: our stress test runs show improvements of two or three orders of magnitude in many cases, and the product demonstrates the polish one might expect from a near-final release.

Along with the 1.0 RC1 release, we've also refreshed the 1.1 bits. We've not exposed any significant changes in the .NET extensions, but the 1.1 "alpha refresh" includes the same core runtime as 1.0 RC1. A note on installation: if you have the beta release on your machine, there's no need to uninstall - simply run the RC1 installer and it will overwrite the existing binaries on your machine.

Here's the runtime itself:

Some tools for building Silverlight applications:

Inevitably (given that this release isn't 100% compatible with the previous one, particularly as regards the object activation model), a lot of the samples out there today are broken. We've worked with a few folk that we know to help them prepare for this release, but if you have a Silverlight sample or site out there today based on the existing beta release, you'll want to pick up the new silverlight.js and work through the breaking changes to move your site up to the new release. We won't break you again, we promise!

  • Anybody else having problems with Image and MediaElement Elements pointing at http urls?

  • Devin,

    It's probably because we disable cross-domain file access. So for example, if your Silverlight page is hosted at a file:// location, you can't reference images and media via an http:// moniker, and vice versa. You don't have to host them on the site of origin, just reference them the same way.

    Hope this helps,


  • John, sorry about that - we did our very best to reach out to as many affected sites as we could, but it was hard to identify everyone. We're done now - you should never be affected by this again. The API is fixed for v1; in the future, we wouldn't break changes without introducing a new version that ran side-by-side.


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  • Hello,

    Anybody else having problems with MediaElement (RC)??

    Cannot play from Windows Media Server...

  • Great news! What about OS like Linux, MacOS? Is the plugin also ready?

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  • Where are the linux and solaris versions?

    I bet it will not gain much popularity until it is available for all popular OSes.

  • As Tim announced last week, Silverlight 1.0 Release Candidate 1 is live . Now if you're wondering how

  • Si, asi es, por lo visto es epoca de liberaciones, porque ademas del Beta 2 de visual studio, desde el

  • Dionysos, although it's not sponsored or endorsed by Microsoft, the Mono project is producing a Silverlight implementation for Linux at present:

    I think it's challenging to make the case that Solaris is a "popular" OS, at least on the desktop.

    With the 1.1 release, we'll support over 96% of machines on the internet (not including Moonlight) - the next 2% are Windows 9x, and then you're into the long tail of operating systems with 0.x% market share, which includes Solaris. With >96% reach, I'd be surprised if this was the biggest blocker to adoption of Silverlight.

    I'm using these stats as a rough-and-ready reference: they broadly match our own research:

  • Body: Si, asi es, por lo visto es epoca de liberaciones, porque ademas del Beta 2 de visual studio, desde

  • First of all, congratulations on getting the RC 1.0 out.

    Being totally new to the Silverlight, could someone fill me in on some basics?

    I read some of the technical documents from msdn and they all stated that I could use the Visual Studio tools for creating web pages that have Silverlight components. Are there any free tools that I could use instead? And how about the server side, do I have to have IIS server, or could I use e.g. Apache?

    Best regards.

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