Silverlight RC2 On The Way - We're Getting CLose!

Silverlight RC2 On The Way - We're Getting CLose!

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As we close down on the release, we're actually pushing out an update to the Silverlight RC build in the next couple of hours. The update is Sunday night's drop - build 20730 (the last release was 20724), and I'm going to informally dub it "RC2" for ease of reference.

This is one of a few critical updates that we'll be pushing down over the next couple of weeks to test the update mechanism. If you've set your update options to prompt on install, you'll see a dialog very like the following when you next visit a page that contains Silverlight functionality:

All updates will require a restart at some time to take advantage of the functionality changes. All prompted updates can be “postponed” by not restarting the process until you are ready; when you next restart the browser or open a new window, you'll see the updated version (you can right click on any Silverlight content and choose "Silverlight Configuration" to see which build is actually running).

There's no additional work required to support this release - there are zero breaking changes compared to the RC1 release, and you don't need to update your silverlight.js file or anything else for your code to work.

To be clear, we're not pushing this update out because we've found a security issue; it's more of a public test of our update broadcast system (with the added bonus that you get the latest bits installed). We'll do a few more of these on an approximately weekly basis until we release the final Silverlight 1.0 bits; from that point on we'll only update like this as necessary to fix a critical issue.

  • I can't be bothered to try this out right now, but will this updating mechanism work if I install SL from Admin-priv account and then never log in as admin again and use a limited/normal user account without UAC? (eg. this standard user acc has no rights to update any Silverlight files)

    That's a pretty important update scenario and I would say a blocking issue if it doesn't work.

  • SliverLight能够 给我们带来新的体验





  • Tim blogs Silverlight RC2 almost with us! Also click here to see more examples built in Silverlight...

  • It would be wonderful if Silverlight would run in a 64-bit browser.

  • Where is the best place to report bugs, please?

    A couple I consider:

    * Apparent 16Kb restriction on the size of an ASX playlist

    * Documentation on what should happen re: buffering the next entry of a playlist while the current one is still playing (does that mean the MediaElement can be in a buffering-next-playing-current state, conceptually?)

    * Not accepting an ASX playlist that is output from a .NET XmlSerializer (unless I'm missing a schema; but google can't find one...) - it fails with AG_MEDIA_UNABLE_TO_PLAY or some such if there's an XML header or schema-attributes in the root element; nor does it accept XML comments before the root element.

    * Silverlight.createObject requiring that width and height be passed as strings, instead of accepting numbers (if numbers are passed, width and height of the object are empty, which I guess renders as 0x0 (I can't see it to tell, y'know?  ;-)  )).  I guess this is so we can pass in px or %, but if neither of those are present, it would be nice if it defaulted to one or the other instead of silently being 0x0.

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