Deploying Silverlight in the Enterprise

Deploying Silverlight in the Enterprise

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As more and more Silverlight sites become available, enterprise administrators are starting to ask for guidance on how Silverlight should be deployed in a corporate environment. Obviously, at one level it's as straightforward as executing the installer, but there are typically a whole ton of questions that need answering:

  • What files and registry keys does Silverlight install?
  • Will Silverlight break any existing applications?
  • What are the command-line switches to configure installation?
  • How do I deploy Silverlight through SMS or System Center?
  • How is Silverlight serviced and updated?
  • How do you configure Silverlight settings via Group Policy?

Fortunately, one of my colleagues, David Tesar has kindly come to the rescue and written a very comprehensive white paper that answers all these questions plus many more. The Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide is available for download now. We gave the white paper a trial run ourselves when Microsoft IT used SMS to deploy Silverlight internally. Download it and send it to your systems administrator today - it's worth their time to read.

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  • Here is the latest in my link-listing series .&; Also check out my ASP.NET Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

  • I will never develop for Silverlight, will never install the plugin, and will promote the same idea to everyone I know. I have had enough with your IFE! Revenge time, biatch!

    Flash/Flex FTW!

  • Thanks for your considered feedback, Donnie. I appreciate your thoughts on the business value of Silverlight. Maybe I'm not as up on urban slang as I should be, but could you explain what "IFE" is?

    Best wishes, Tim

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  • During the Q&A in Reston, Marc and I mentioned a few places of interest. The Silverlight Deployment

  • Most of the examples here for Silverlight media have been focused on consumer content, and that's been the bulk of our broader marketing story so far. But we are Microsoft, and so enterprise is a huge portion of our bread and butter, and we want to see

  • Based on the questions I received in the last period, I’d like to share here some links that will eventually

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