We've Released the News Reader SDK!

We've Released the News Reader SDK!

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Many of you have seen the New York Times reader application - it was featured as part of the portfolio I've been building up of Great WPF Applications. As I mentioned at the time, the New York Times reader is based on an SDK that we built to allow newspapers and content publishers to create rich, "occasionally-connected" experiences based on the flow layout capabilities in WPF. We've had a private beta program running for a while now, and over the intervening months there have been a number of other newspapers that have gone live with applications using this toolkit.

image Now we're delighted to announce the public release of the reader toolkit on windowsclient.net. We've made a number of improvements to the kit to broaden its usage; the reader toolkit is now known by the rather more accurate but slightly less memorable name: the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit. This reflects its potential to go beyond a news reading scenario and handle other kinds of data synchronization and display needs. For example, you could use this as the basis of a client for financial data analysis, where the application downloaded stock prices and other financial information and presented it in a rich client experience (Lab49, are you listening?!)

The great thing about the starter kit is that the source code is available, so you can customize it to your heart's content: changing templates and styles, modifying the way it handles data, adding new features, and so on. We've also created a sample MSDN Magazine reader application built with the starter kit, which is of course also provided with full source code. Even if you're not interested in the reader toolkit itself, you'll find this a really useful application in its own right.

Have fun with this - I'm looking forward to seeing the applications people build with this toolkit...

  • Si vous suivez l'actualité liée à WPF, vous avez sans doute déjà entendu parlé du fameux Times Reader

  • Hey Now Tim,

    This is good to know. Everyone could create one for there own newspaper now.

    Thx 4 the info,


  • Ever wanted to build a rich client application with syndicated multimedia content? The SCE Starter Kit

  • Thank you so much!! I have been waiting for this forever

  • Tim Sneath has the good news - We've Released the News Reader SDK! The Newsreader SDK , or as it is officially

  • Tim Sneath reported this, and I think it is very cool. Way back when - when the New York Times reader

  • A few months ago I wrote about the Architecture Journal Reader, a great demonstration app for a "occasionally-connected" Windows Presentation Foundation, WPF, application. I asked for source code and ...

  • Why does some of the articles show up blank with a Page 0/0 at the bottom right... specifically the Silverlight article?

    Or am I missing the point, and this is just a mock-up?

  • Very cool.  However, in the sample MSDN Magazine reader application, I only get the section 'pages' (Web, Client, Office, etc.).  When I click on an article, I typically get a blank page where the article should be.  I've sync-ed multiple times, no luck.  Am I missing something?  Suggestions?  Thanks.

  • If there is a way the config the proxy server setting?

  • Tims : 用于 New York Times 等报刊的WPF新闻阅读器客户端SDK已经发布,你可从 windowsclient.net 下载: Syndicated Client Experiences

  • chri5,

    Are you having problems with proxy server settings? Could you post more info on the feedback forum so that we can investigate?


  • Thanks , it wll be nice to play around.

  • Awesome concept!

    I Love it..

    Text to speech functionality to listen to the articles using already installed package (i have AT&T natural speech installed which is awesome package) will be a good feature request!!

  • where's the MIX08 Reader ;)

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