Great Silverlight 2 Demo: Healthcare Demonstrator

Great Silverlight 2 Demo: Healthcare Demonstrator

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Congratulations to Martin Grayson and team for building one of the smartest Silverlight 2 demonstrations I've seen to date. I saw parts of this demo a month ago when I was in the UK, and I'm delighted it's now released.

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Whether or not you're involved in the healthcare sector, this demo does a great job of showing how Silverlight 2 can transform web-based application development. We're already starting to see many real-world applications using Silverlight 2, even in its beta 1 stage; I'll post a list of the best ones I've collected before the end of the week. With a beta 2 release not far away, momentum is continuing to grow. And keep an eye on this blog first thing Friday morning for a separate exciting announcement (he said elusively)...

  • Richard:

    The demonstrator is a full page, Silverlight application. All of the content and controls have been built in Silverlight. The demonstrators combine the rich control set that comes built into Silverlight, as well as a number of new controls we have developed for new and different interactions.


    Are you able to give us a little more detail about your set up...?

    - Can you confirm which version of Silverlight you are running (right click a Silverlight control and select 'Silverlight Configuration'

    - Can you see the confirmation on the demonstrator launch page that you have Beta 1 installed - this should appear in the right hand column

    - Could you let us know you software and hardware spec, as well as you current region settings.

    Hopefully we can find out what is causing the issue for you and provide a fix in the Beta 2 release.



  • Hi Tim, the MSCUI demonstration was asking for Silverlight 2 Beta 1 version, not the latest Beta 2.

    I can't find the latest update on their website. Can you help me?

  • Hi Eriawan,

    We should be updating the site by the end of tomorrow (Thursday) to be compatible with Beta 2.

    Thanks for your patience,


  • Trying to get in a habit of doing these when I get up and before getting into work. Design Patterns/DI/IOC Command-Query Separation and Immutable Builders Castle demo app: ActiveRecord basics and unit testing Prism Vs. Framework XXXX General Christian

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