• Tim Sneath

    What Can YOU Do with 10K of Silverlight or WPF Code?

    A lot, it turns out. Some long-time readers may remember my post of a year or two back where I set a fun little challenge to test what could be accomplished with just a single element of XAML . In the preparation for MIX09 , the team created a competition...
  • Tim Sneath

    Windows 7 Theme Packs: Customize Your Desktop

    Just wanted to take a moment to highlight Mike Swanson’s amazing theme pack for Windows 7. Mike is a colleague, friend who works just down the corridor from me. His primary role with the company is as a content owner for our developer conferences (he...
  • Tim Sneath

    The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets

    It’s great to see Windows 7 Beta finally released to the world! We're very proud of what has been accomplished over the last months; in many ways, it sets a new quality bar for a beta operating system release. Building on top of the Windows Vista foundation...
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