An Open Letter from the President of the United States of Google

An Open Letter from the President of the United States of Google

esperandmThe world’s ability to communicate with one another is a key factor in its rapid evolution and economic growth. The Esperanto language was invented last century as a politically neutral language that would foster peace and international understanding. Since the launch, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of a constructed language:

  • A pure form of communication that is unsullied by cultural context;
  • Broad adoption by as many as 10,000 speakers
  • Independent (yet mostly compatible) dialects that not only bring additional choice for speakers also foster healthy competition and innovation

We expect even more communication between people in the coming year and are therefore focusing our investments in languages that are created based on constructed language principles. To that end, we are changing the spoken and written language of this nation to make it consistent with the form of speech already supported by the Language Creation Society. Specifically, we are supporting the Esperanto and Klingon languages, and will consider adding support for other high-quality constructed languages in the future. Though English plays an important role in speech today, as our goal is to enable open innovation, its further use as a form of communication in this country will be prohibited and our resources directed towards languages that are untainted by real-world usage.

These changes will occur in the next couple months but we are announcing them now to give citizens using other languages an opportunity to translate the libraries of the world into Esperanto.

Dankon, nedankinde!

  • Do not forget that before English, French used to be the international language, and before that Latin, or Ancient if you consider the whole galaxy according to the Stargate canon. And the next one will probably be Chinese. Things evolve.

    Oh, and, people don't have to pay royalties to speak and write English, unlike H.264.

  • Via publika letero estus pli frapa se vi skribus ĝin en Esperanto.

    Mi ŝatus uzi Esperanton pli ofte en la ĉiutaga vivo. Bonŝance mi povas:

    * Uzi la esperantlingvan fasadon de Vizaĝlibro.

    * Interparoli kun esperantlingvanoj tie.

    * Uzi plurajn esperantlingvajn programojn ĉe Linukso.

    * Uzi la esperantlingvan variaĵon de Farjovulpo.

    * Aŭskulti aktualajn sondosierojn.

    * ktp

    La sola okazo en kiu mi ne povas esti tute en esperantlingva medio ĉe mia komputilo estas, kiam mi uzas viajn programojn kaj operaciumon.

    Dankon pro la atenton.

  • Finally, some passion from Microsoft!

  • Bad attempt to make a joke. Or may be you know, that M$ plans to file some patents on English language usage? For example they can ban using the word "windows" without paying a fee ;)

  • Anyone and everyone that can't enjoy this magnificent letter must be banned from the Internet for life, so the rest of us can freely wander around, speaking Ido.

  • I only wonder what does the economic power of China have to say.

    I'm not that worried about some small companies, who still think they're great.

  • Since you work for Microsoft, by default you are always wrong.

  • I detect a bit of sour grapes here, given Microsoft's repeated failures to establish its own standards in these areas.

    Tell me, Mr. Sneath, what success has Microsoft had recently?  I don't mean PR gimmicks like Surface or OEM Windows N+1, I mean sound, hard, commercial successes with new products?  Heck, even Office revenue is going down.

  • Well said,  but though it is easy to point fingers at others, those living in glass houses should be cautious and should not throw stones at others.

  • ..lame. There are many more important issues challenging the world today. I will not waste any further time on this "issue".

  • Superb !!!!!! Sometimes humor speaks more than 2000 word article. :)

  • Haha, the Google hate at Microsoft has reached record levels.

  • The whole world can see how we 'benefit' from Microsoft's own set of webstandards in IE6, and now you mock Google for going their own way?? You hypocrit!!

    This is why people hate Microsoft...

  • Brain washed idiot.

  • Microsoft has no right to preach about Google dropping support to a Microsoft close sourced product.

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