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  • Blog Post: Silverlight Rehab

    Just loved the team's latest Silverlight video. Props to Adam, Laura, Nic, Monica, Dan, Scott and Tina.
  • Blog Post: MIX08 for Non-Attendees

    At last, the mad rush is over. The run-up to a conference like MIX is always frantic: for me, the first three weeks in February involved a constant juggle of competing priorities. With the exception of one last-minute firedrill, the worst was over by late Friday afternoon. Now it's the calm before the...
  • Blog Post: Watch Jackass 2.5 - Free and Exclusive on Silverlight!

    Although we're all too proud to admit it, I doubt there's anyone reading this who doesn't love to while away the odd bit of free time perusing sites like YouTube and for funny videos of stupid people doing dangerous things. However, there are few individuals who have been more successful at...
  • Blog Post: A Silverlight Greetings Card

    Thanks to Adam Kinney (again!) for this awesome Halloween greetings card, brought to you by Silverlight and Silverlight Streaming. The full source code can be found on Adam's blog .
  • Blog Post: How Did We Come Up With Silverlight?

    I'm sure some readers will be interested in the decision making process that we went through to arrive at the name of Silverlight for our new web runtime platform. It was a tough choice; we know that WPF/E was much loved by the community and that acronyms can be both inspiring and evocative, but we really...
  • Blog Post: The Daily Show's Take on Windows Vista

    The BillG appearance was very funny... Stewart: What does the F12 button do - does it do anything? Gates: I'd stay away from it if I were you - start with F1 and work your way up... Stewart: Is it a joke button - does the F12 button do something to someone else's computer? Gates: Gates...
  • Blog Post: The Microsoft Office Prank

    It's a long-standing Microsoft tradition that when someone goes away for an extended period of leave, they're at risk of having a prank played on their office. The great Larry Osterman filmed a hilarious video a while back listing many of the examples he's seen, and if you're ever on campus and get the...
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