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  • Blog Post: Silverlight Rehab

    Just loved the team's latest Silverlight video. Props to Adam, Laura, Nic, Monica, Dan, Scott and Tina.
  • Blog Post: Off-Topic: Tipping in Las Vegas

    A confession: I'm really bad at tipping. It's not that I'm deliberately ungenerous, but simply that I never know how much to give. The UK isn't really a nation for tips: outside of restaurants, it's not something that's particularly expected, which means that here in the US I'm a complete novice at the...
  • Blog Post: Google, Share Prices and Ads

    Seeing Google announce quarterly earnings nearly triple their results for the same quarter of last year (they now have an annual revenue of $10 billion, almost entirely from selling ads), it suddenly occurred to me that I have never once deliberately clicked on one of their ads. Sure, I see them often...
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