Do you work in an industry where every piece of e-mail you send (or sometimes even think about sending) has to be archived for legal purposes? In today's regulation-heavy environment, if you're not careful, cleaning out your Mailbox can lead to cleaning out your desk. To make the process of archiving e-mail easier, you can use Managed E-Mail Folders in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Once set up by the administrator, Managed E-Mail Folders are accessible in Outlook 2007 and Outlook Web Access 2007. You can drag messages required for archival to these folders where they will be governed by administrator-defined retention and expiration policies.

Likewise, an Office SharePoint Server 2007 Records Repository can help you archive and manage important documents of record. IT personnel, lawyers, and records managers can use the Records Repository site template to quickly create an online records vault and apply information management policies to govern record labeling, auditing, and expiration. Documents can be uploaded to the repository directly from your favorite Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

Managed E-Mail Folders and SharePoint Records Repositories are easy ways to stay compliant with external regulations and internal policies.

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