What would you say if I told you that you could check your Outlook e-mail without a computer or mobile device? Now try saying it without profanity.

Outlook Voice Access allows you to dial-in to your Exchange Server 2007 mailbox from any telephone and listen to your e-mail using text-to-speech technology. And Outlook Voice Access doesn't just read you your e-mail. It can also play back calendar items, contacts, and tasks.

Hear something that deserves a reply? Don't go running to your laptop. Use Outlook Voice Access to reply to or forward messages, as well as send a pre-configured "I'll be late" notice.

Need to call someone at the office but don't remember their extension? Use Outlook Voice Access to search the company directory for a person to call or initiate a phone call from one of your Outlook contacts.

You can navigate Outlook Voice Access with your telephone keypad or, better yet, by using the built-in speech recognition. Let your fingers do the walking some other time.

For more information on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, visit http://www.microsoft.com/exchange.

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