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  • Blog Post: Tips to help you work less and relax more in 2009

    Certainly, today's always-on-and-available-anywhere technology can lead to addictive work habits. We've all seen examples of that among friends and family. But having a cheap, convenient, 24/7 global reach through technology can also efficiently enable you to live the life you've always wanted. The...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Documents to go - working with online/offline documents

    I work with SharePoint sites quite a lot and leverage technologies new to Office 2007 such as SharePoint Lists synchronized in Outlook 2007. Essentially Outlook 2007 allows you to have offline synchronized copies held in a local .PST file that you can work on, on a plane/train, at home, etc. When you...
  • Blog Post: Using Groove 2007 to stay in synch

    This short demo shows succinctly how Groove 2007 can be used effectively. One of the examples/problems shown is how to alleviate chain-mail, whereby people can end up having to trawl through a long email with multiple replies and subsequent out of synch file attachments Groove acts as a lynchpin...
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