Cheers mate from Aussie.  Lots of great interest in management here.  Last Friday Kirill presented to a group of 30 or so TDM's on management in Sydney and we had a bunch of meetings with various customers. 

Here's Steve Goh, the management sales director for APAC, Peter Bender, the management specalist in Australia, and me celebrating a great day for management:

over the weekend I hung out with my buddy from primary school - known the guy for almost 14 years.  Grabbed some awesome food.  Seafood makes me happy. 


Went to Melbourne today for a few more customer visits and another event.  We had over 70 TDM's register and the room was totally full!  The interest in the Dynamic Systems Initiative and management is incredible. 


A couple more customer visits tomorrow, and then it's the end of the APAC tour.  Back to the ivory tower...  :(