On January 31st in our Waltham office we are holding a Visual Studio 2008 Get Ready event.  This is a whole-day event with two morning keynotes and then 3 separate tracks in the afternoon covering topics such as .NET 3.5, Software+Services, Silverlight and Application Lifecycle Management.  I'm particularly excited about the fact that rock star David Chappell will be presenting the first keynote.  If you've never seen David talk, you're missing out.

However, this is an invitation-only event.  Hopefully, you got an invite and have already registered.  If I've ever come to your place to give you a presentation, then it's extremely likely that you are eligible for an invite -- we simply did not have your contact information.  If you work for a major corporation on the east coast, then, again, it's highly likely you are eligible.

So, if you think you may be eligible and want an invite, please contact me.  If you are eligible, I'll send you an invite.  If not, all is not lost!  David Chappell is sticking around and talking to our local user group community.  Chris Bowen has the details here.

We hope to see you there!!!