I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a free Scrum and Team Foundation Server event in our Waltham office on March 6th.  Dynamics Research Corporation, a leader in Scrum training, has put the event together and I personally think the agenda and speakers looks amazing.  (If you take a quick peek at DRC’s website, you may get the impression that they only service the government.  This is no longer the case.)

The speakers are not just DRC folks, by the way.  You’ll be educated from some of the very best agile and TFS folks around.  People like Dan Mezick, head of the AgileCT user group.  People like Ben Day, TFS expert extraordinaire.  Heck, even I’ll be there (not presenting, mind you, but more than happy to talk to you about Team System, the Red Sox, all this snow, etc.  Whatever floats your boat.)

Who should attend?  If you want to learn more about Scrum, you should be there.  If you know Scrum and want to see how to manage it via TFS, you should be there.  In fact, anyone interested in agile development methodologies and how they can be implemented via TFS should be there.

Head on over to www.scrumtfs.com for all the details and to register.