Here are a bunch of links that I routine share with folks; I’ll update this post as I discover other worthy links.

The Team System Home Page

Visual Studio Team System


TFS 2008 Installation Guide (download)

Troubleshooting Team Foundation Server (I love this one – absolutely come here first if you run into any problems not answered in the installation guide.)


Administering TFS (Online)

TFS Administration Guide (download)

TFS Setup, Administration and Operations Blog

Work Item Tracking and Reporting blog


How to Move Team Foundation Server (In here you’ll find how to do 3 types of moves: One Hardware Config to Another, From One Environment to Another and From a Single-Server to a Dual-Server.

Developer Support for TFS blog (awesome tips and tricks)

TFS Migration Blog (Discusses how to migrate data from other systems into TFS, and how to integrate TFS with other systems.)


Brian Harry’s blog (The Man for TFS)

Buck Hodge’s blog

Jeff Beehler’s blog (Team System and Visual Studio)

Jim Lamb’s blog (Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Build but were afraid to ask)