When I think about all the different tools for reading and writing blogs today, the early days of MP3 culture comes to my mind.  I remember the not-so simple act of taking a song off a disc and putting it on my computer.  I had a tool for ripping, a tool for encoding (don't forget a manually installed codec) and finally I would have to edit the song properties by hand in a player like WinAmp.  It was a fantastic day when I could use one tool - Media Player - to do it all for me.  Some people don't like swiss army software, but I wouldn't go back.

Today, I want one tool for all my blogging activities.  Currently I run .Text for hosting, IE for writing, SharpReader for reading, IE for reading comments on individual blog entries and Technorati for the link cosmos.  It's time for someone to come along with one tool - a Media Player of the blogverse.