So yesterday Frans Bouma posted his concern about becoming less of a .NET community site and instead a pulpit for MS employees (as a result of all the GotDotNet bloggers moving here) and wondered if it's still appopriate to criticize Microsoft from this domain.  He admitted that he's thinking of moving his blog someplace else.  My feeling is that this is probably understandable, but perhaps an over-reaction.  I work for MS as a dev, not in the developer division, but I am a real customer of .NET and Visual Studio.  Even I can criticize.  I try to do it in a positive way, since I am proud of the work we do.  If I discover a workaround to some trouble I am having, I blog it here in the hope that it helps someone else, and it works.  Take the 1029 page views on this article that I posted back in July.  If I have a feature request or bug report, I know that if I post about it MS people are listening.  So stay man, it's your blog, your ideas.  Say want you want, tell the world, the .NET community and MS what you think.