Sometimes in using your own software you take advantage of features that other people have no idea are even in there.  This morning I was talking to some people who didn't know about our type down searching in the main viewer of OWA.  Although they use it in Outlook, it doesn't register that they can do the same thing in a web app.

Here is the scenario: 
In OWA, you know you have a piece of mail in a folder from "Tosh Meston", but there's a thousand messages in there so paging is not really useful.  Most people would just bring up the Search dialog from the toolbar.  But, another possibility is to click on the From column header to sort by From, then start typing T-O-S-H.  After a pause, the viewer will seek out and position the list at the first message from Tosh.  It works for subjects too.

This also makes me wonder if people are using our handy custom context menus.  Maybe people do not think to right-click on web apps, except to do things in the default IE context menu.  Web devs, what's your opinion?  OWA users, what's your experience?