John Topley has a nice piece about Microsoft and why he doesn't understand all the hatred towards it.  Hear, hear!

All the MS bashing does get one down after a while, even though I'd say our skins are thicker than most.  I am just one of the 55,000 trying to build the best software we can.  It's sounds trite because you hear it a lot from people here, but it's true.  My particular job is to build the best web mail client out there and I love it.  I love hearing about how people use our stuff.  I love walking down the hall and seeing people outside my group dogfooding our latest bits and hearing what they think.  I love getting email from people I've never met who've taken time out of their day to tell me about a bug or something in the software that they think just isn't right, and I love making sure we record those bugs and design change requests (what we call DCRs) so we can get those fixes out in the next release.

I don't remember where I was going with this particular entry anymore.  Have a read through John's blog entry