K and I signed up for AT&T CallVantage voice over IP at our place and last week the D-Link DVG-1120M telephone adapter (TA) arrived.  I spent some of the weekend integrating the thing into my home network.  I run a Linksys wireless access point / router as well and port forward 80 to a web server.  After much tweaking, rewiring, reassigning IPs and trying to run the TA behind the router, I eventually settled on AT&T's "recommended" configuration of having the TA outside the router and running my router as a switch.  This does almost everything I want.  The TA supports port forwarding of course and I am able to browse my sites from outside the network, but strangely not from inside.  My brother-in-law who is a network admin says that this is fairly typical of some devices.  His router at home suffers from this same loopback problem.  I never had it with the Linksys before.  I decided just to create a couple v-dirs for the sites which I can browse internally and called it good enough.  (If there's a setting allow me to browse internal sites by their domain names, I'd love to hear it).

Anyhow, we can make outgoing calls, but are still waiting for AT&T hook up incoming calls.  Btw, the call quality seems just fine.  The price is right too.  My brother and mother-in-law are both seriously considering signing up.