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  • Blog Post: Writing Solid Code

    I've just finished reading Writing Solid Code , which it seems everybody at Microsoft has and recommends. I think one of my past dev leads bought each of us on the team a copy. The odd thing is that it's having immediate effect. Maybe that's not odd, but good. I'd finish a chapter and start immediately...
  • Blog Post: XP SP2 and .NET 1.1 SP1

    With all the articles and blog entries about these two recent service packs I was wondering if I would see anything interesting when I installed them on my laptop and home web server. The answer is no. Everything just works. My sites continue to chug along and my apps are just fine. I guess that doesn...
  • Blog Post: Red Whittaker Visits Microsoft

    Dr. William "Red" Whittaker of CMU visited the research room at Microsoft today to talk a bit about Sandstorm, the robotic Humvee , and the Grand Challenge . In robotics, there are of two schools of thought in making mobile robots. There's a top down approach, which is based on building the best maps...
  • Blog Post: New MSN Search

    Sweet. MSN Search has a new release . Looks good too without all that clutter in my opinion. Searching for myself seems to produce the same results I would find on another site. Here's more info . This comes my way via Engadget . They have a comparison of the experience against Google using Pocket...
  • Blog Post: Seattle Times -- Bill Gates as Chief Blogging Officer ???

    Seattle Times has a piece indicating that BillG might start a weblog of his own. Wouldn't that be cool.
  • Blog Post: Return of the DHTML Dude

    Hmm... the return of the DHTML dude is of interest to the Slashdot crowd .
  • Blog Post: Weird Afternoon at Microsoft

    Weird afternoon at Microsoft today. My building sits between our conference center and a cafeteria and as I look down from my window I can see the pathway into the cafe. This afternoon I looked down and saw this woman that looked strikingly like Marilyn Monroe. Didn't think much of it as I was busy....
  • Blog Post: Ray Kurzweil Visits Microsoft

    Yesterday I ran over to the MS Research lecture room to hear Ray Kurzweil speak. I guess unsurprisingly the MS folks packed the room in, but I managed to find some standing room in the back. Ray's talk was on the exponential acceleration of technology's capability and its adoption and some of his ideas...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Bashing is so '99

    John Topley has a nice piece about Microsoft and why he doesn't understand all the hatred towards it. Hear, hear! All the MS bashing does get one down after a while, even though I'd say our skins are thicker than most. I am just one of the 55,000 trying to build the best software we can. It's sounds...
  • Blog Post: The History of Entourage

    Omar Shahine shares his experience building Entourage basically from scratch. I love reading little histories like this.
  • Blog Post: Don't Leave, Frans

    So yesterday Frans Bouma posted his concern about weblogs.asp.net becoming less of a .NET community site and instead a pulpit for MS employees (as a result of all the GotDotNet bloggers moving here) and wondered if it's still appopriate to criticize Microsoft from this domain.  He admitted that he's...
  • Blog Post: Newsweek Interviews Bill

    Here's an interview of Bill by Newsweek's Steven Levy. A little bit of Longhorn vision, a little bit on security, a little bit on charity.
  • Blog Post: End of the Internship for the Mentor

    Microsoft, as you may know, has a great internship program.  We expect a lot from our interns.  They usually learn a lot while they're with us and we expect them to work hard and produce naturally.  This time of year in Redmond, the days are getting shorter and the interns are leaving to go back to school...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap 2003-2005

    Seems like many of you guys are already up to date on future Visual Studio releases.  In case you are interested in reading more on Whidbey and Orcas, you can visit this article on MSDN .
  • Blog Post: Scoble on the browser as an application platform

    Scoble blogs again about the browser not being an application platform and in the same entry plugs "Outlook Web Application".  Man, it's Outlook Web Access, not Application!  But that's ok...  I wonder if Bezos thinks the browser isn't a very good application platform.
  • Blog Post: How I came to Microsoft

    I have asked Microsoft bloggers to tell the story of how they came to work at Microsoft, what attracted them to the company and what was the series of events that led them here.  Here is my story. In 1996, I was a physics major about to graduate.  It was in a time when many physics majors were saying...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2003 RTMs

    Exchange 2003 releases to manufacturing  with the greatest version of Outlook Web Access to date!  Here's a list of some of the features that I worked on:  S/MIME, rules, junk e-mail options, improved address wells and contacts search.  Try us out.  You'll love it.  http://www.microsoft.com/exchange...
  • Blog Post: MSNBot

    Cool, MSN Search has their own web crawler now. Building a spider was one of the first projects I worked on at Microsoft back in 1996. Mine was a "web monkey", which basically meant that its link traversal was stochastic. I remember setting it free on some site and invariably within a couple of hours...
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