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    World of Warcraft - Redux

    Aside from this one sentence here, this entire post will be completely devoid of any information about Managed DirectX. Instead today, I'm going to discuss World of Warcraft. I'd put a link to the site here, but gee, it happens to be down right now. ...
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    Book Source Code..

    I think I blogged about this once before. If I did, I don't remember when and can't find it. Since there have been a number of questions on the topic though, I'll post this again, even if it is a duplicate. ZMan has already done the 'work' for getting...
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    Managed DirectX - It's not just games..

    So here at Microsoft, we have this thing called a 'buddy program' which you can read more about at . I'm signed up for this program and have a 'buddy' who works for a company (I assume in Germany) doing Managed...
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    Just was shown a new website dedicated to MDX Info, called (strangely enough) New, but looks like a nice little start.
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    Although it is probably a mistake, I've put my Xbox Live Gamertag on my blog page. Despite my potentially obvious bias, I'm quite pleased with the new console. For all of you still waiting to get theirs, if it makes you feel any better, I just got mine...
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