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    Koios Works, at it again..

    So amongst the other mails I got today, i also got one from Marshall Belew from Koiois Works . You may remember them from my posts way back since they were one of the first commercial MDX games out. I'm sure you can guess that since i'm blogging about...
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    More Academia using MDX?

    I got an email today from "Matthias" who did some MDX work last semester at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria.. The screenshots in the link he gave me look quite nice (apparently they took 2nd place in this years competition).. It seems...
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    So many topics today..

    This will be the first of a number of posts today.. It seems today is just the 'news' day for me I guess.. First topic today, nothing to do with MDX at all, but a link to a great article on Gamasutra by David Sirlin on World of Warcraft. The article...
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    February 2006 SDK Available..

    I'm always the last person to announce these things , but.. Hey.. Did you hear? The February SDK is out! While the MDX2 assembly is still in beta form for this release, it's still pretty exciting for me currently. The time in which it will be in release...
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    The COMPLETE Effect and HLSL Guide

    I just recently acquired a copy of " The COMPLETE Effect and HLSL Guide " and I must say, it delivers *exactly* what the title implies. It also included a little 'abbreviated version' that is a few pages long and the size of two credit cards that makes...
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    Haddd 3D

    Rather than just copy and paste the stuff that ZMan already wrote, i'll just link directly to his post .
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