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Busy busy busy!!

Busy busy busy!!

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Lots of changes been going on over here recently which have been keeping me quite busy (well, more busy than usual).  I've recently switched groups over to the Xbox team (and the XNA team specifically), and I'm quite excited about the stuff we're working on. 

Don't think this means I've "forgotten" about MDX though, believe me, I haven't.  While i'm thinking about it though, it would be great if the people who are using MDX2 right now could contact me and give me some ideas on what you're working on, and when you hope to ship.  I may not be able to get a chance to reply to everyone, but I'll read them all. 

This is quite the 'exciting' (yet overwhelmingly busy) time for me..  Like I said a few blog posts ago, we're starting the revolution of managed code in gaming.

  • What is going to happen to MDX now that you have left the team.  Has somebody else been appointed as lead or is MDX considered complete?
  • right, i'd definitely like some direction regarding MDX and MD3DM futures
  • Yeah, who's in charge of MDX? And what's the status of MDX?
  • By now, those of you that follow Managed DirectX or XNA discussions have seen Tom Miller's post, as well...
  • Dear Tom,

    I would like to say that I really like MDX and that it's my job to create a narrow casting application (player) with the use of Direct3D and MDX (2.0) using C# (2.0).

    Currently we are in some of the last stages, cleaning everything up and trying to get the video working with Directshowlib.dll in our application, that is the hard part because we really need it to please our customers.

    Our first release would be in April and this contains the following functionality in the player:

    - Audio
    - Flash (only to view it)
    - Browser (only to view it)
    - Illustrations
    - Text
    - Rss (streams from outside)
    - Other dynamic content.

    And hopefully in May or even later video.

    Thats the only problem in MDX that there isn't a support for video on textures. The other solutions are working but there is a memory leak when disposing the video textures. If that can be resolved than video is finally supported.

    So please continue with the good work of MDX.

    Johan Reitsma
    Vincis B.V.

  • Hello,

    My dream is comming true,

    sync the platforms
    xbox306 , vindows vista , vindows mobile

    ? is mdx2.0 = Directx 10 or is't close to Directx 10

    our game engine is running Mdx2.0 c#
    we are working with some verry great graphics artist to make some keind of showoff and a game that will be finish at this year pdc
    we allso planning to come to the pdc and show is off
    our 3d engine has got good start we have 175 members in our forum (tanks to the zman )
    and more folks is comming ever day.

    please sync the platforms


  • Michael - no MDX2 is still DirectX 9. There's nothing public about a managed story for DX10 yet. However see
  • We are the late stages (third year) of development of a "next-generation communications" application.  While not a game per se, this is a VERY advanced, graphically-intense application that leverages most MDX2 capabilities and shows off the real potential of the .NET Framework.

    We made a business decision in October to only target the .NET 2.0 Framework and hope to ship as soon as MDX 2.0 is finalized/released (April would be good).  We also hope someone is "busy busy busy" addressing the current set of MDX2 bugs (e.g., please see our aggregate feedback regarding the February MDX beta at

    Please assure us that Microsoft will not be "dropping the ball" on MDX2.  Best wishes for the next steps in your work.

    swtjunk at yahoo dot net
  • Tom,

    Suva Interactive is on track to gross .5M this year with 3D application consulting efforts using MDX2 and C#.  We are under an NDA which prevents us from talking about our work.  We're looking at a major release in six months.

  • I WANT a MDX for the xbox 360 devkit pls! I WANT to use C# in a 360! I WANT to use .NET with a 360! :D plsssssssssssssssssssssss!
  • I am using MDX for a 2D game engine. I love everything about the C# language and the MDX api. I am having lots of fun using reflection especially and creating a large system of systems game engine that is very expandable.
  • you make me extremely happy. I'm using managed DirectX since the first release and I'have dreamed for many years about a similar news.
    I've used Managed DirectX in a lot of commercial application (also a flight simular for shipped in some military school), the possibility of realize application for XBOX open a lot of opportunity. I've a question.
    Will be finished managed directX 2.0 in april SDK? I'm writing my new series of tutorial and LoadHierarchy doesn't work. Also doesn't work NVperfHud 3.
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