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Download the Xna Game Studio Express (Beta) now..

Download the Xna Game Studio Express (Beta) now..

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Just click this link.

  • Is there a way, or will there be a way in the future, to get it running with a non-Express edition of C#? I have VS2005 Team Edition, and I really dont want to be installing an express edition...Thanks.
  • Downloading!
  • Hi Tom

    I have vs2003 and vs2005 pro installed , however when I want to install xna express , it tells me that I need c# express 2005 ?

  • Tom,

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making something like this become a reality.  Opening up the game development world is going to be the next big leap forward in gaming.

    Chris Gomez
  • For now, in order to get all the cool stuff in Xna Game Studio Express, you are required to use Visual C# Express.
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  • Hi Tom

    It looks great, but what does it do?

    Ok I know what its ment to do, after reading the xna team blog, its really obvoious, but after installing the program I lack samples or documentation to get me started.

    Do you have links to articles, tutorials or the likes that will get us started with XNA?
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