October, 2008

  • Zemblanity

    Optimizing Animations Using Direct2D

    (click image for larger view) ( video from Tom's Blog ) In my previous post I demonstrated rendering text in the style of the Star Wars opening credits. The demo works and the animation is smooth (on my machine at least), but the CPU consumption...
  • Zemblanity

    Rendering Text In The Style Of The Star Wars Opening Credits Using Direct2D with Direct3D interop

    (Click the image for a larger view) This is a fun little sample I created. I based it off of a Hands On Lab that was presented at PDC. If you remember two spinning cubes, one rotating around the other, that's the one. My version is very similar. The...
  • Zemblanity

    Blogging about Direct2D

    Hello, my name is Tom Mulcahy. I'm a developer on the Direct2D team and this is my first blog post. To begin with, I will explain the name of this blog. Zemblanity is the opposite of serendipity (as coined by William Boyd in Armadillo ). It means the...
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