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September, 2006

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Since I work on ASP.NET and this is such a hot technology I thought I would try to write about my experiences. My job allows me the privilege of working with some of the largest corporate customers running ASP.NET, and because of my position I am exposed to some of the most challenging issues. About like solving a really hard puzzle I really only want to resolve these issues once and move onto the next. So the idea here is to share what I have learned and the techniques and tools leveraged to help those in the community and try to prevent such issues in the future. 

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    Bytes In All Heaps > Private Bytes?

    The other day I had a friend of mine approach me about a possible bug he had found in the CLR memory perfomance counters. He pointed me to a performance log where his customer had captured a log that showed that the Bytes in All Heaps exceeded that of...
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    Event Handlers Gone Wild

    Today I ran across an issue that my good buddy Tess hit with one of her customers a while back. The application in question here is an ASP.NET web application that is exhibiting fairly high memory usage after almost a day of usage (approx 400-500 MB)...
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    I'm Back!

    Today I am back from a 6 month project working on NGIM (Next Generation Incident Management). It is Microsoft's next version of its technical support tool used by Commercial Technical Support personal globally to work and track customer issues. Look for...
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