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February, 2009

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Since I work on ASP.NET and this is such a hot technology I thought I would try to write about my experiences. My job allows me the privilege of working with some of the largest corporate customers running ASP.NET, and because of my position I am exposed to some of the most challenging issues. About like solving a really hard puzzle I really only want to resolve these issues once and move onto the next. So the idea here is to share what I have learned and the techniques and tools leveraged to help those in the community and try to prevent such issues in the future. 

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    Run (As Your AppPool Account) Forrest

    When running within a website that uses impersonation you find it necessary sometimes to have your code stop impersonating for a period of time while you run some code. For example if you need to get off the box (not using Kerberos) and connect to another...
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