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  • Blog Post: Logging 32bit ASP.Net Performance Counters on a Windows 2003 64bit OS

    Recently an issue came up where an admin was upgrading their Windows 2003 Server OS from 32bit to 64bit but they wanted to keep their ASP.NET application as is and running under WOW. The issue they hit was with monitoring performance counters. While using perfmon they can see the counter data they could...
  • Blog Post: An ASP.NET & SQL Server Performance Issue

    I have worked a few high profile performance related issues in the last six months which all resulted in the same root cause. Since most of my customers use SQL server and stored procedures to access data from their ASP.NET web sites I thought I would share with you my findings related to these cases...
  • Blog Post: IsInRole Is Slow

    Authentication to ASP.NET May be Slow When using custom authentication modules and/or role based authentication in ASP.NET you may find that the authentication process is slow. The IsInRole() method of WindowsPrincipal was implemented in 1.0 and 1.1 in such a way that depending on the...
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