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  • Blog Post: Spankin' New Blog

    Got a new blog site, please join me here
  • Blog Post: High Memory is Relative

    Like most folks I customize my computer to fit my needs. I apply a myriad of registry settings, applications, utilities, and adjustments to my machine to get the environment just the way I like. One item I always seem to change is the buffer height of my command prompt. I find it is useful to increase...
  • Blog Post: Moving To SharePoint

    Since coming to Developer Support in 2003 I have been working with ASP.NET and IIS. 4 years in any group at Microsoft is a good stint and it was time that I moved on. Because I love working with .Net and web technologies SharePoint seemed like a likely choice. Given SharePoint's huge popularity I felt...
  • Blog Post: I have been Tagged

    Carlo was kind enough to include me in his recent "tagging" activity. So here are 5 things you probably don't know about me: I recently graduated from SMU with a masters in software engineering. I own an XBOX but I cannot play it for more than 15 min at a time without getting violently ill....
  • Blog Post: I'm Back!

    Today I am back from a 6 month project working on NGIM (Next Generation Incident Management). It is Microsoft's next version of its technical support tool used by Commercial Technical Support personal globally to work and track customer issues. Look for me to start picking up the pace of my blogging...
  • Blog Post: Personal Data

    I have worked for Microsoft for a little over 8 years. My current role is as a Senior Escalation Engineer in the Developer Support Internet Escalation Services group working on ASP.NET. My daily activities usually involve debugging ASP.NET applications that have gone bad . My blogs on this site will...
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