I would like to hear from you!  I want to know what your thoughts are around the SOS.dll and using it to troubleshoot problems.

  • Are there functions in the sos.dll that ships with the debugger, that only works with .NET 1.x, that you are missing for your 2.0 troubleshooting?
  • Are there things you do all the time that you would rather have one command that does it for you? (For example, looking at DataTables and how many columns and rows they have)
  • What would make troubleshooting easier?
  • Is there a report that you’d like to see about the status of the process which is currently missing?
  • Would you like to use DebugDiag instead to troubleshoot .NET issues?
  • Any others?

Please let me know what your thoughts are and what you think would make it better.  I’d really like to hear your thoughts around this debugger extension.  I am planning on making an extension that will work with SOS and give more information for ASP.NET and other useful things.  And make it so that one DLL will work with all versions of .NET but I would like to hear your thoughts so I can try to make it the best possible.

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