Having the ability to work at this company has been amazing, there are so many opportunities to do different things here that you can really completely get a change of job while never leaving Microsoft.  Just looking at the different areas that we touch gives an example of all the things you can do while working here.  If you are passionate about technology and love being on the cutting edge, this is a great place to be.  For some examples of what life is like here, check out some of the videos at http://www.viewmyworld.com.  If you are interested in working here, go check out all the opportunities that are currently available at http://www.microsoft.com/careers.

As for me in particular, there is a little about someone in the role I have at Employee Profile

There are many examples of how the Microsoft interviews are, and I have to say it is one of the most unique interviews I have ever been through.  Not only do they challenge you to think, but they also push you to see what you are capable of.  There are a number of sites that talk about our interviews but I won’t reference them here but they are easy to find by searching on http://www.live.com.

For suggestions on your resume, check out: Inside Track/Resume & Interview Tips

As for my advice, don’t put anything on your resume that you aren’t comfortable talking about.  Cause if you have something on your resume, you can bet someone will ask you about it or quiz you on it in an interview.



There is some great additional information that you can find about my role here at Microsoft.  Also, our NT team is hiring.

Jobcast: Life as an Escalation Engineer
Jobcast: Life as an Escalation Engineer, part II