So I was looking around CodePlex the other day and I came across some really useful tools up there that I thought I would share.  Not all of these will apply to everyone, but they can be really useful things and I would recommend you to check them out and see if they apply to what you are creating.

Some of these I have played around with, but not all of them.

Managed Stack Explorer is really useful for getting callstacks, especially if you are experiencing a hang.  You can get the stacks from all threads and see what is hung.  This is a very lightweight solution and allows easy troubleshooting.

The Open Debugger Extension is a new debugger extension that is being worked on mostly by the guys from the NTDebugging blog. There are plans to do some really neat things in this extension (Note, I already mentioned this in a previous post).

VMExplorer is the next one I really want to look at, but it is a little limiting for me as I do the bulk of my work against dump files and this is for a live process.  But it could be very useful to use before having to call into support.

Visual Log Parser sounds like a very exciting project.  I have used LogParser for a long time and anything that makes those files easier to parse is welcomed by me.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add a comment.

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