So I have begun working with Hyper-V, see my previous post here.  And it is really quiet an easy experience so far.  I have been able to install a few OS’s from the CD’s without any problems at all.  I have even used our network boot option to install an OS.  I have just downloaded the Virtual Machine Manager and I am going to check that out.  The most promising feature of the Beta seems to be that it can convert P2V and V2V.  I am really excited to use that and convert my existing machines to virtual ones.

One other really useful feature of Hyper-V is the Snapshot feature.  You can take a “Snapshot” of a VM to save the state it was in to be restored later.  This is really useful if you are doing a demo for example and you want to be able to restore it to the state it was in previously.  This is also great if you are working on something for a test and then want to revert it back after you are done testing something.

Another thing that I am finding very useful is that you can create as many VM’s as you want.  So I am not going to have my main OS run much of anything.  That way everything is running in a VM and if I need to get some memory back, I just shut a VM down.  And my main OS isn’t very bulky itself.

Just for the record, the machine I am using has 8 processors and 16 GB of RAM.  It also has 500 GB hard drive (which I’m sure I will need to upgrade).

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