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ASP.NET Debugging

Debugging from an ASP.NET and Azure Engineer. Posts are from customer issues and things I feel may be useful.

July, 2008

  • ASP.NET Debugging

    Visual Studio 2008 Web Server Here shell extension

    This has to be one of the coolest shell extensions that I have seen yet.  It is right up there with the Command Prompt Here one. This adds a addition to the right-click menu for a folder for “ASP.NET Web Server Here”. All the information, including...
  • ASP.NET Debugging

    SOS: Always use the correct debugger

    I cannot stress this enough.  It is very important that you use the same architecture for the debugger as the process that you are trying to troubleshoot. Wrong version when capturing a dump If you use a 64-bit debugger to capture a dump of a32-bit...
  • ASP.NET Debugging

    Hotfixes on Code Gallery

    As first reported by Soma , we are now going to use the MSDN Code Gallery to make hotfixes available.  In the past, you could get some from the Connect site but it was hard to discover the fixes.  So now all Visual Studio and .NET product updates...
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