Hope this one is a little harder then the last one.  Please keep in mind that all comments will remain hidden until I post the answer to allow others to try to solve it.


You work at a factory that creates bags of jelly beans.  You make three types of bags, one that is all green, one that is all red, and one that is a mix of red and green.  Someone walks into your office this morning and tells you that the bags are labeled wrong.  Now you cannot see through the bags to see the contents, your fellow employee asks you to figure out which are which.  But there is a catch.  Opening a bag costs money and so they want to label them all correctly with opening the fewest amount of bags.  Also, touching or pulling out a jelly bean also costs money as it is contaminated.   So they want you to do it looking at the fewest amount of jelly beans as well.  (No, you can't just peek inside a bag)

How many bags do you need to open and how many jelly beans do you need to look at?  What would you do?