Looking to the future with cloud computing, it is going to become increasingly important to have good information about what is happening with your site in order to properly maintain it.

Keeping development type of issues aside, what types of things do you think you will need in order to be able to properly troubleshoot a problem in your application once it is deployed to the cloud.

For example, when you publish your application, it will be similar to uploading today to a hoster in that:

  • No access to the server
  • Cannot get dumps of any processes
  • Cannot access perfmon logs
  • Cannot access the Event log

So given that type of situation:

  1. What are the possible problem situations that may arise?
  2. What types of information do you think you will require to find out what is going wrong with your application?
  3. Would you try to pull your application onto your development box to try to repro some of the problems that way?

Or are there any other concerns or thoughts you have around this?  I’d love to hear what you have to say.