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ASP.NET Debugging

Debugging from an ASP.NET and Azure Engineer. Posts are from customer issues and things I feel may be useful.

February, 2009

  • ASP.NET Debugging

    We have a new language, F#

    Have people started to use this yet?  I was just introduced to it and think it has a lot of potential to save time in certain situations. Has anyone started to use this yet? The best times I can see for using it are for things that involve doing...
  • ASP.NET Debugging

    Cloud applications

    Now that we are getting closer to releasing Windows Azure, I wanted to check and see who is planning to have an application in the cloud.  Or if you already have an application in the cloud, what you are doing there and how it is working for you...
  • ASP.NET Debugging

    KB articles are moving

    As noted here , we are going to be moving our KB articles off of support.microsoft.com and instead putting them on MSDN and TechNet so that developers and IT Professionals are able to find the information easier. Here are some of the changes you can expect...
  • ASP.NET Debugging

    Silverlight updates – CBS and a contest

    As reported on a few sites: http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2009/02/silverlight-to-power-2009-ncaa-march-madness.ars http://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/article/61563 Silverlight is going to be the technology of choice for CBS to broadcast their...
  • ASP.NET Debugging

    Linq exception

    If you have done much programming with Linq and using the relationships between tables, you may come across the following exception: System.Data.Linq.ForeignKeyReferenceAlreadyHasValueException Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object...
  • ASP.NET Debugging

    New information coming

    I am sorry that I haven’t written anything in a while.  I will be back to writing more soon.  I have been working on a special project and also going to a technical session at work for the last few months that have kept me really busy. Expect...
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