Have people started to use this yet?  I was just introduced to it and think it has a lot of potential to save time in certain situations.

Has anyone started to use this yet?

The best times I can see for using it are for things that involve doing some number crunching and string manipulation.

For those of you that have not looked at F# yet, you can learn about it here.

Also, there is a download available for Visual Studio 2008 that lets you start using it.

This is also some great information in hubFS.  That is a great place to see example code and ask people how to do some things in F#.  I would also suggest checking out this post, The F# Operators and Basic Functions.

Keep in mind that F# is a functional programming language.  So this allows you to have all the power of a functional language, and still be in .NET and use tools you are familiar with.

One example of using F# is Luca Bolognese’s Financial Functions.

Let me know what you think of F# and if you plan to use it, what you will use it for.