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Debugging from an ASP.NET and Azure Engineer. Posts are from customer issues and things I feel may be useful.

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  • Blog Post: BLOG CHAT RECAP: SQL Injection

    We had a good chat on Friday and I think we got most, if not all, of the questions answered in regards to SQL Injection. For those of you that missed the chat, check out the transcript here . If there is anything that we missed, please feel free to let me know. Hope that everyone enjoyed the chat...
  • Blog Post: BLOG CHAT: SQL Injection – Today

    Just a quick reminder that our blog chat on SQL Injection is today at 2:00 PM EST or 11:00 AM PST.  Hope to see everyone there.  You can get to the chat here: MSDN Online Chat Or you can add the Outlook reminder: Add to Calendar Look forward to talking to everyone.
  • Blog Post: BLOG CHAT: SQL Injection

    So finally all the details have been worked out.  We are going to have this chat on Friday July 18th.  At 2:00 PM EST.  That is 11:00 AM PST. Shortly I will have a link where you can add a reminder to your calendar about this chat.  It will be handled a little different from the last...
  • Blog Post: SQL Injection – some tools to help

    Joe Stagner posted about some great tools that you can use to help with SQL Injection.  This is the topic of our blog chat coming up, I haven’t set a firm date as I am trying to get as many folks to attend as I can from the Microsoft side. Check out his post: Tools to block and eradicate SQL injection...
  • Blog Post: SQL Injection continued

    My previous post on this topic generated so much discussion that I thought I should post about it some more.  Specifically I wanted to write about means of checking your code for possible SQL Injection problems. The first means of checking, if you are using Visual Studio 2008, is to use the Team...
  • Blog Post: SQL Injection and how to avoid it

    It isn't as big of a deal at the moment, but it is always good to make sure everyone is aware of this and how dangerous it can be.  There is some very good information on it located on MSDN here .  The important part is to remember that anytime you take input from an external source (someone...
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