Life as a Developer

This blog is about my experiences "starting" out as a developer.

July, 2006

  • Life as a Developer

    Microsoft Picnic '06

    Every year, Microsoft schedules a weekend or the company picnic. I've never remembered to go before this year, so it was my first time there. Several dozen busses showed up at the campus, and ferried everyone to a huge field an hour away. They handed...
  • Life as a Developer

    Developing a game for the Motorola Q

    Just before I went on vacation, I picked up the Motorola Q , which runs Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone. Microsoft is working with Verizon Mobile to offer a pretty hefty employee discount, both on the hardware as well as the service plans. I downloaded...
  • Life as a Developer


    Wow, it's been a month. Sorry for not posting recently, I was on vacation in Oregon for part of the time. There's a lot I want to blog about. So I'll be taking some time out today to compose several posts and schedule them to go out. Work/Life balance...
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