While the official launch is still November 7, you can get Visual Studio 2005 today with an MSDN Subscription[1].

If you have an MSDN Subscription - if not, this is a great reason to get one! - you can obtain the final versions of the following products today:

Visual Studio 2005 Standard

Visual Studio 2005 Professional

Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite[2]

Visual Studio 2005 Roll based products (Architect, Dev, Test)

SQL 2005 Developer Edition

Visual SourceSafe 2005

Visio for Enterprise Architects

C++ tools for IA 64

Visual Studio tools for Office and Infopath

MSDN Library for VS 2005

[1] We will be posting only the CD versions of Visual Studio for download for the next few days , DVD editions will be added probably early next week along with the Enterprise, Standard, and Workgroup versions of SQL 2005.

[2]  The following applies to the VSTS product:

• VST Suite is only available for download to VST Suite with MSDN Premium subscribers.
• Visual Studio 2005 Pro with MSDN Premium subscribers and VSTA/D/T with MSDN Premium subscribers have access to VST Suite trial as an upsell opportunity.
• VSPro with MSDN Professional, MSDN Operating Systems, and MSDN Library subscribers must get the VSTS Trial by other means.