A member of another team here at Microsoft dropped by and chatted with us a bit about a great new site that enables developers to prepare for Windows Vista. This site - http://www.devReadiness.org - contains lots of great technical articles and interviews aimed at helping you get your applications ready for Windows Vista today.

Some examples of the content they have are:

  • IE 7 Compatibility Overview video that covers the basics of II7 compatibility issues
  • Update Advisor application that runs on an XP system and tells you if your hardware will allow you to run Windows Vista
  • Application Verifier that you can run to determine if your existing Windows application(s) will run on Windows Vista
  • Article on how UAC (User Access Control) will impact your application(s)
  • Hands-On Labs that walk you through the sorts of changes some application developers will need to make to ensure that their applications run on Windows Vista
  • ...much more...

If you're looking to start supporting your applications on Windows Vista, you'll definitely want to check out this site to stay ahead of the building customer demand for the next generation of Windows systems.