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My name is Tom Archer and I'm a Senior MVP Lead. Our team is tasked with recognizes, rewarding and enabling exceptional technical community leaders who foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge by actively sharing their real world Microsoft p

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  • Blog Post: New Windows Vista and WinFX Sites Launched

    In addition to the launch of the first public Windows Vista Beta since last year's PDC, we have also published a complete redesign of the MSDN Windows Vista and WinFX developer centers in order to create a seamless, unified experience for users moving from one site to another. The sites also reflect...
  • Blog Post: Why MSDN publishes more Managed Code than Native Code Information

    From time to time, I get queries like “Why is Microsoft forcing managed code on us?” or “Why is Microsoft abandoning native code?” and so on. As MSDN is a key Microsoft public interface to developers, I thought I’d answer that from my own perspective. Being a Program Manager at MSDN offers me a...
  • Blog Post: Why so many examples in Visual Basic?

    I've received a few queries lately as to why MSDN - and Microsoft as a whole - has become more focused on producing Visual Basic.NET examples and code snippets in our articles and presentations. The reason is two-fold. First, while I can't publicly state the actual numbers, I can tell you that there...
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